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Thursday, July 2, 2009


My piggy bank… but it’s not a pig! Yup! You’re right…. I don’t know the right term, so I will call it piggy-bank-which-is-not-really-a-pig (LOL). Anyway it has the same purpose – SAVING MONEY!!!!

The head is actually a coconut shell. The coconut plant, about 2 feet high, was uprooted. According to my father, it’s easier to get the flesh inside the coconut when it was already growing since its flesh is already dry.

This is my first attempt to beautify the coconut shell. And I find it very bland.

So I decided to add some decorations. One thing that is lacking is its stand.

My sister suggested putting it on a jar, and turning the shell into upside down, so that the coconut shell will look like a head with an eye and mouth on it. So to maintain the ethnicity of my piggy-bank-which-is-not-really-a-pig, I rapped the body with an abacca rope.
And… wow I love it!!!!

Anyway, do you have any suggestion to rename my piggy-bank-which-is-not-really-a-pig? Feel free to leave comments.


Anonymous said...

Wow these are so lovely - just fabulous creations. Even a glimpse at your works was enough to warm my heart- Thank you for the day your art gifted to me.

Duni said...

Hey - that is so cool! You're very talented!

Marianne said...

Thanks a lot!!!! I'm glad you like it.

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