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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Second Session

After attending mass my nieces went straight to our house and found the clay art that we made yesterday. They got angry with me because I did not wait for them. And I just keep on laughing on them. LOL…. (I love to tease them).

Good thing there is still clay left…. The bad thing is that the colors were all mixed up. But at least they still enjoyed the activity. 

They formed the clay into words…. Actually it's a simple message for my sister Jeia (Jean)  who’s in Canada…. The kids miss her so much….

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clay Arts with Niece Yang

This weekend is the best ever since June (2009)… I’m just staying at home relaxing. But the best thing about this weekend is I have the chance bonding with my nieces. At least I can now start my session on my art classes with them.

However 3 of my five nieces joined the girl scout rally and the other one had lost interest in art because she prefers riding her bicycle. I’m about to postpone the art session but my 6 year old niece (youngest of the five) begged me to teach her with clay arts.

Of course I cannot say no this cute little girl.

At first I showed her how to make ladybug. (It’s not really perfect but I love it… LOL). Then I also made letters and formed them into my niece’s nickname - “yang.”

My niece tried to form a ladybug but she found it hard to do. So instead I taught her to make a rose. And I was really amazed with her output. Her blue roses even looks perfect than what I have done. LOL…

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