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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Z is for Zebra Inspired Heart Box

I can’t think of any craft that starts with letter Z so I just make Zebra as my inspiration to create this craft.

Zebra Inspired heart Box

Yay! I forgot to take a pic of the unpainted box. Just take a peek on the inner of the heart box for you to have an idea what it looks like before I paint it.

Zebra - no color 

Before I painted the black stripes on the cover, my niece kept on saying that it’s ugly. But she love and want it when she saw the finish product…. Too bad I can’t give it. LOL….


This Zebra inspired heart box match well with the leopard frame (XOXO)


Probably this will be my last post for this challenge. The next 45 days will be the busiest days of my life. I need to balance my time from work, job training in a hotel, review IELTS, masteral…. and of course blogging. Hope you enjoy the Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

X is for XOXO

XOXO….What does it mean? I have a penpal from Australia before. Her aunt, who happened to be our school principal, introduced us. We exchanged letters and badges she got from Brownies and mine from Girl Scout. She always put XOXO in her letter before her signature… I thought it’s only a design until I read from a book on what it means… X stands for kisses and O for hugs.

So, this project is inspired from the XOXO message I got from her. By the way she celebrated her birthday last February 3.  Happy Birthday Nanda Bear! XOXO



I love the leopard print. I bought it from a local craft store. The first time I saw it, my heart is leaping with joy! I know it would be perfect for the wood frame stored in my cabinet and unused.

XOXO wood letters are from Icon Arts. If I have money then I would definitely go into craft store business…. someday….




Saturday, February 12, 2011

K is for Key Chain

So, here is it! “K ” is a key chain. I used the red heart bead as shown in the picture of my previous post. Add a couple of trinkets heart put together in a chain and voila here’s my key chain heart.

Key Chain Heart

Key Chain heart  Closer look


Friday, February 11, 2011

H is for Heart

I can’t think of any craft idea for “H”; since this month is hearts month then H will stand for HEART.

I made the red heart first for my valentine craft idea for letter “K”… what’s K stand for? Mmmm…. I’m gonna post it later.


My niece love it and I can’t resist her. She requested me to make at least 8 heart beads, she’ll gave it to her friends. Since there were no more red beads so I decided to create using the green.

Heart Beads


Thursday, February 10, 2011

C is for Clay Heart

Clay Heart Clay Heart

I love this clay heart idea. Supposed to be the posting of the project comes after “B is for Heart Box”. But the jewelry heart box shape, which I planned to use for cutting heart shape, was missing. So the project was delayed. Good thing I found a heart shape perfume bottle cap last night.

Clay HEart Cutter The heart shape cap and the output

Clay Heart BAre Sweet color.. perfect!

Clay Heart Love I love LOVE…. and the roses too…



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

W is for Weaved Heart

This project reminds me of the movie, “Tangled”… I want to watch it in 3d and in big screen. You know I love cartoons especially fantasy and love stories. I’m still kid at heart and hopeless romantic… *LOL*

Weaved heart A tangled love with the weaved heart

When was the last time I watched movie in big screen? hmmmm… I think it was when the Avatar was released… Gosh! It’s been too long. LOL…


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

P is for Potpourri Love

Guess how many shots I took to capture this project?

It’s 56 shots… LOL….

I can’t find the right background for the potpourri-filled heart net. I’ve been trying different angles but  there’s always something missing. This made me think of DSLR Camera. I think I need one. LOL…

I already surrendered and thought the black background was the best among the photos. Until I found the cute bear inside my cabinet.

 potpourriPotpourri Love

The bear was given by my bf… seeing it made me miss him a   lot… It’s more than three weeks since he left…. Sigh… Hope he’ll be here before the heart’s day.




Monday, February 7, 2011

Q is for Quilled Heart

Let’s jump to Q!

Three years ago I was searching for quilt, accidentally I misspelled it and was led to quilling instead. It’s my first time to see such craft. And it was a love at first sight. Yet I didn’t attempt to do a similar project because I was so engrossed with my job back then.

Now That I launched the Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Idea, quilling comes first in my mind. It’s actually the first project that I did for this Ey to Zee challenge.

This is my first quilled project, I do not have ready made cut paper strips as well as the tools, so please bare with my output…

Quil HeartA two tear drop shaped glued together to form heart.

But actually there’s a greater idea to form the heart.

1. Cut the red art paper into strips…

Quil Strip

2. Fold into half

Quil Strip Half

3. Roll the other half from the tip to the center.

Quil Strip Roll 2

4. Do the same on the other half

Quil Strip roll

5. Loosen it then have the middle glued.

Quiled Heart

I think this is better compare to my first project….LOL..

BTW, I'm linking this project to Made By Me Monday


Sunday, February 6, 2011

I is for Ink-Dotting

If you’re out of budget or too busy to look for stationery why not try this art, ink dotting. Lift up the plain looking of the paper by putting some design by using a sign pen. It’s like scribbling! All you need is draw whatever you want with a pencil then start dotting with the sign pen. You can draw whatever your imagination drives you to do.

Ink Heart 1

 Ink Heart Close upCloser look


Saturday, February 5, 2011

G is for Glitter

I love glitters but it’s not my favorite craft. I hate cleaning the glittery dust after using it. I should have used the glitter glue in making this craft instead of the dust glitters. My bad I forgot to buy! Besides I do have my stocks of the glitter dust.

glitter 1 Glitter 2 It’s messy but still love the shining shimmering effect of the dust glitter.



Friday, February 4, 2011

E is for Embroidery

Embroidered Love_thumb[9]

This is a mess! LOL... this is far from what I visualized. Well it’s been more or less fifteen years since the last time I embroidered. I’m using metallic thread for this project… and it’s difficult to handle the six strands of metallic thread which is not also good in the knitted cloth. Hope my excuses are accepted…. LOLz…

It’s supposed to be gold but it’s not available that’s why I’m using the brownish shade. Anyway I still love the “LOVE” embroidery.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

B is for Box

B is supposed to be a bead heart project. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it because I went to the hospital last night to visit my aunt who was confined in the intensive care unit (ICU). Unfortunately she didn’t make it. She passed away this morning. May her soul rest in peace…. (P.S. please pray for her and her family…).

Heart Box

So, instead, I made this heart box for my Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas. Actually there are many lovely heart box templates; I chose this because it’s the easiest even kids can do this. By the way, I got the template here.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A is for Accordion Heart Card

Yes A is for Accordion.

Surprise your crush with this accordion heart card expressing that your heart expands when you see her”…. *wink*

Accorion Heart Card

The black metal heart is actually a buckle from my niece’s belt. It serves as a lock of the card. The lock means,your heart is exclusive for her”

Buckled_thumb[3] Heart Card_thumb[4]


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

Metallic Heart
It’s Hearts Month!

Actually I prepared a list-to-do for Ey to Zee craft ideas for this Heart Month. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch up because of the soooo many school requirements. Schooling sucks!!!! LOL….

Anyway I’ll be posting starting tomorrow my Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas. But I cannot promise if I can make the A-Z… That’s 26 craft ideas you know!

Here are my Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas:

A - Accordion Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

B - Heart Box

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

C - Clay Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Idea

E - Embroidery

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

G - Glittery Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

H - Heart Beads

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

I- Ink Dotting

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

K - Key Chain Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

P - Potpourri Love

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

Q - Quilled Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

W -Weaved Heart

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas


Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

Z - Zebra Inspired Heart Box

Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas

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