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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dish Garden for Mama

Mama asked me to make a dish garden as my gift for her on Mother’s Day (hehe.. this is super late post). She had several cute plants from her colleague who is considered as master in dish garden…. I’m intrigue how his garden looks like, with all the teeny-meeny-miny plants.

Plants for Dish Garden

I decided to make a park-theme dish garden.

To compliment with the theme I made a bench out from Makin’s Air Dry Clay; combining two colors to achieve a different shade. I used the bronze bead wire as nails. I made the bench 3 days before Mother’s Day, since I still have to let it dry.

Bench for Dish Garden The bench

Mama was surprised with the outcome. She totally loves it!

Dish Garden 2

There should be a lamp. But I was running out of time when I made it. Maybe I’ll install the lamp later or perhaps I’ll make another theme park dish garden…

Dish Garden ECU Closer look


Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Rose Jewelry Set

The bracelet. …Got this idea from Show Tell Share Blog through Totally Tutorial.

Green Rose Bracelet

Green Rose Bracelet 2

The set is actually compose of bracelet, pair of earrings and a ring…

Green Rose Jewelry Set

But look at my ring? It’s an air dry clay! NOT a food! I already had an idea who's responsible for this… the COCKROACH…

Who ate my green rose ring

For the sake of pictorial I removed the rose in the bracelet and glue gun in a ring… I HEART the ring…

Green Rose Ring

And a try on…..

Ring and Earing


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tubular Box

Goldilocks Cake Box I made another use of the cake boxes. I saw a tubular box pattern in a craft book. Trace it and viola! A tubular box out of cake boxes.

Flat tubular box

Tubular box 1

Tubular boxes

This is ideal wrap for a small gift. Just add embellishment to add beauty on the tubular box….

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black Dangling Earrings

I can’t wait for Monday! I’ve been reserving this post for Monday Meme… It just so happen that the jewelries and other crafts that I created are for Monday memes: Green Monday, Black Monday, and Yellow Mellow Monday. You know I’m addicted to meme recently.

So much for that here’s pair of black earrings that I honestly love and would like to share in Black Monday Meme.

Black EaringsPlease bear with the loops… I’m still practicing…

I wore it when I’m in my room. LOL… Yes in my room ONLY! I don’t wear dangling earrings actually. I even consulted my bf if he wants me to wear one. And he said… NO! Hahaha…

Black Earnings Here’s a try on….

BTW, I gave this pair of earrings to my sister as my gift for Mother’s Day...

Yay, I almost forgot! I can link this post to We Did It Wednesday!!!! Yahoo....


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gift’s for Moms

My 11 Year old niece made bracelets for her tita’s and Nanay (her grandma) as her gifts for the Mothers’ day. She used the artificial stones that were stored and untouched for more than two years since my sister went abroad.

Venus Bracelet

I’m happy because she reused the cake boxes as bracelet holder/tag/card.

Bracelet from Venus

Back of Bracelet from Venus


Friday, May 6, 2011

Filer Makeover

So what’s my first project on reusing the Goldilocks’ Cake Boxes?

Cake Boxes

Hmmm.. I can use this square-rounded corner hole with acetate on it as a frame for scrapbooking. What do you think?

Frame from GB Peek-a-boo

Meantime, I refurbish my yellow filer, which actually has no use at all because it’s not strong enough to hold the bulk of my files. I think because it’s made of corrugated cardboard.

Organizer Organizer2

So what I did is cover the outside of the filer with the Goldilocks’ Cake Box, which is a thin cardboard. I cannot use the glue because the wrong side of the box is glossy so I used double sided tape instead.

Here’s the new look of my filer – STURDIER ONE!

Organizer after


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mom’s Poor Purse….

Here’s another rotten thing that supposed to be thrown. LOL… But I opt to throw it inside my scrap box…

Bronze Purse

It’s is my mother’s purse. It’s actually golden, or I supposed its a bronze purse. As you can see there’s no use of this purse at all. It’s worn out.

Look closely….. Poor purse…

Poor Clutch

Fabric is no use at all… So i cut it and… uhm throw it….

Away fabric

And the metal (LOL.. I don’t know what to call this…) will be saved for future project…

Metal(sorry… the stripe fabric is a sore in the eyes.. I didn’t realize it….)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For The Love of Scraps

…. and the love of our mother earth…..

I don’t usually throw things because I know I can find ways of reusing them. Besides, in this small way at least I can contribute in reducing garbage. I can use this for crafting. I believe I don’t need to buy new things to create something awesome project.

Here’s a box of scraps which contains used bond paper and tissue-core-cardboards too…

Scrap Box

And a pile of cake boxes… These are Goldilocks' cake boxes. I love the design and the prints of the box. Actually I already made two projects out of these cute boxes. I will post it later… so stay tune…. *wink*



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Green Roses

Green Clay for Green Rose Makin’s Air dry Clay

This clay is sitting for more than a year. I haven’t touched it because it’s air-dry clay. I know it would be difficult to knead once it’s open. Until recently I found Miss Polyclay’s blog and I was inspired with her Secret Garden Key. It’s beautiful! I actually bought key trinkets but for now I only made the roses in different sizes. I have different ideas for the roses, a jewelry set perhaps.

Green Roses

I saw a bracelet accented with beautiful clay rose featured in Totally Tutorial, the Show Tell Share blog. I made a similar project which I will post later. Actually it’s finished but I need some adjustment; it’s quiet big for my wrist.


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