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Friday, July 15, 2011

I change my blog design… again!

I was hopping and found this graphic designer blog. I love her designs but for now I have to strictly snub on these because I don’t have a budget for it. I just bought a new domain and self-hosted blog plus the fabulous design from Dress Up your Blog; and I haven’t earned that much to cover my expenses. Whoa!

Good thing Adori Graphics offers free templates. I’ve been eyeing for two free designs but this current design that this blog is wearing wins. What I want with this design is that it has wide space for my posts plus two side bars for my widgets; the space are utilize well. The background is white, good for any pictures that I will post. Plus did you notice the icon besides my URL? The Blogger Icon was change into flower which I really wanted for my other blog.

I super love it!!!

To my old template…..bye.. bye…


Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink 3D Flower

My niece was working with his project – a bulletin board for Filipino. What she did is paste a “Pabula” (Fable), handwritten in a bond paper, then pasted on a hot pink cartolina. That’s it! It’s a sore in the eyes honestly.

She’s been asking me to help her with her project for how many days but I was too busy. When I saw it I felt guilty. Mama told me to add some design to at least improve the way it looks.

I admit I’m a little bit demanding with materials if I do a project. But since it’s late at night already, and we only have few materials, then I used the resources that we only have.

I cut the bond paper leaving a few centimeter of the pink cardboard that serve as its border and pasted on a white cardboard. White is universal color; it goes along well with other color.

Then I made several 3D flowers out from the hot pink cardboard and glued in 2 corners of the white cardboard.

I love the simplicity of the outcome!

3D Flower

I know this still needs improvement..

Filipino Bulletin Board

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