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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Prize

I finally received my prize – the Duni bag – last December 7, 2009. It took more than a month before it arrived because of the poor system of the post office. Imagine the notice of the package was dated on the first week of November ant it only reached to my premises last December 5!

Anyway, it all worth waiting. Duni bag is so cute. The design is so chic and the fabric has a touch of class. I LOVE IT!
Honestly I was like a kid when I received the package I keep on shouting and hugging the box. LOL…. And my mom is keeping on taking pictures of me while I was opening it.

And when my sister came home, I showed him the bag and was walking and carrying the bag like a model. They were all laughing at me…. LOL…
Thanks a lot Duni!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self Portrait

I was cleaning my cabinet last weekend and found a charcoal painting I made way back 2000. It’s my kindergarten graduation pic.

I do not have a formal education in charcoal painting. I learned it through the activities during our Girl Scouts Jamboree year 1994. During the encampment we were only allowed to choose 2 activities/classes (dancing, singing, acting, crafting, soap making, etc…). I choose charcoal painting and crafting – 2 activities closest to my heart.

We were taught the proper shading considering the location of the light. The figure that we draw that time is a ball and its shadow. A very basic lesson learned yet it was really a help.

Back to the treasure I found – my kindergarten pic (charcoal version). I made it during one sunny Saturday afternoon. At first I was just scribbling with my Monggol pencil in a piece of paper (use paper). Eventually I was able to copy my kindergarten pic. It was a bit distorted but I still love the output. I don't look like I'm 6 years old in the drawing. LOL...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally My Order Arrived

It was already more than a month since I keep on visiting the websites of erosejazz, thesculpeyman, and gingerbeadworks – it’s because of one reason - I fell in love with clay arts. I attempted to purchase clays the moment I saw erosejazz clay works. I thought it was an ordinary clay that can be bought in the local market. I even bought one thinking that it will harden when bake. LOL….

Through erosejazz’s online store I discover both the Sculpey and Makin’s clay. I purchase the latter since it’s a no bake clay. I want to try the Sculpey clays, maybe next time when I mastered this clay arts.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Second Session

After attending mass my nieces went straight to our house and found the clay art that we made yesterday. They got angry with me because I did not wait for them. And I just keep on laughing on them. LOL…. (I love to tease them).

Good thing there is still clay left…. The bad thing is that the colors were all mixed up. But at least they still enjoyed the activity. 

They formed the clay into words…. Actually it's a simple message for my sister Jeia (Jean)  who’s in Canada…. The kids miss her so much….

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clay Arts with Niece Yang

This weekend is the best ever since June (2009)… I’m just staying at home relaxing. But the best thing about this weekend is I have the chance bonding with my nieces. At least I can now start my session on my art classes with them.

However 3 of my five nieces joined the girl scout rally and the other one had lost interest in art because she prefers riding her bicycle. I’m about to postpone the art session but my 6 year old niece (youngest of the five) begged me to teach her with clay arts.

Of course I cannot say no this cute little girl.

At first I showed her how to make ladybug. (It’s not really perfect but I love it… LOL). Then I also made letters and formed them into my niece’s nickname - “yang.”

My niece tried to form a ladybug but she found it hard to do. So instead I taught her to make a rose. And I was really amazed with her output. Her blue roses even looks perfect than what I have done. LOL…

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Due to financial constraints I was not able to purchase the polymer clay which excites me for almost a month. Actually I keep on visiting the online store of Makin’s Clay here in the Philippines, hoping that someday I’ll buy this sticky thing and form into something adorable memorabilia.

I was inspired by erosejazz clay creation which was featured in “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak!” Which was aired last October 11, 2009.

Through her online store I learned about the Makin’s no bake clay through Ginger's Beadworks; it’s another online store. (well erosejazz is using Sculpey that needs to be baked). Which I also wanted to try (if I have my own oven).

Since then it became part of my morning routine peeking on this Makin’s Clay Online store or sometimes thesculpeyman online store.

So for the meantime I use this modeling clay bought at National Bookstore. First thing that comes in my mind is to make a 1 cm wide sunflower and a rose. But I decided to make the latter.

Whew! I thought it’s easy. The clay is so sticky and it’s hard to form into petals because it sags. Anyway here’s my output. It’s not bad after all. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I won Duni's Tote Bag

Me? Winner of the fabulous bag by Duni of Lovely Purses?

Wait am I reading the e-mail right?

Hey Marianne! Wake-up! You’re dreaming!!!

Nope! No, am not!!!!


 Yepey! I won the bag!!!!!

Well actually, I was screaming when I read the comment from Duni (through my e-mail).

Screaming, laughing…. and oooohhhhh….  I almost cried. Really!

I’m honestly exuberating with happiness when I read the message! LOL…..

Another I can’t wait!!!! Hahahaha…….

Immediately I visited Duni’s blog.

I cannot view my name nor other names. It thrills me. Maybe I’m just daydreaming. When I tried to view the comments, there were already 8 comments congratulating Mary Ann! Oh no! I’m MARIANNE! I think it’s all false alarm.  Huhuhu……..LOL……

But I’m wondering how did they know the winner? Hmm maybe there’s something on the space which I cannot view. So I decided to view Duni’s blog in other browser – Mozilla.

Now I found out that it’s not a space. It’s the video of how Duni chose the winner of her Lovely giveaway bag.

Although, I haven't seen the name because of the poor video streaming, I still believe I won the fabulous bag. Look at the screen shot below. LOL


 Yehey! It’s me! Hahahahaha……

Thanks a lot Duni! I will really treasure it!!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

I can't wait.....

There’s something really excites me these past few days. It’s clay art.

Despite my super busy life, my mind is wandering what to create with the clay. Although I haven’t purchase one I am now starting to inquire about the no bake clay.

Actually I’m tempted to spend my last money in my pocket last Saturday. LOL…. I really can’t wait. My hands are now scratchy as if wanted to try it right away. That’s why I bought modeling clay available in the bookstore instead.

But I promise myself, after I finish this bulk of requirements in school I will really purchase this no bake clay.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spoolie Doll

I was scanning the “Crafting & Decorating” craft book given to me by my sister. There are so many projects that interest me. But I don’t have the materials. There are many terms of materials which I’m not familiar with and was not available in the local stores.

I happen to scan on the page of dolls. I find it very cute. Although I don’t have large beads to use to make it, so I only use the beads available in my bead box. I found the cute wooden beads and abaca rope and decided to make one.

I was able to finish it within 5 minutes. It’s my first time to make a spoolie doll. Yet I feel like an expert. LOL….Well… well… it’s a very easy-to-do craft. Even non-crafter can string miniature wood spools and beads on a twine to create a delightful mini-people.

Interested to make one? Leave a comment and I’ll show you how.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bookmarks by Kids

My nieces will join a Girl Scout encampment. They wanted me to help them with their giveaways – a book mark. I told them that I can’t help since I was busy. Actually their mad at me when I said no. (LOL….) They told me about my promised of art session with them. According to them I keep on promising yet I do not have time with them. Poor kids… poor me… LOL….

But I think it’s time for them to do arts independently. Because since they we’re young they always made me draw, color and do arts. So to please them I gave my art materials instead. Although this means I’m giving up all of my art materials. Well because they still do not know yet the technique of saving space and budgeting craft paper.
When I came home from schooling they showed me with their output and I was really amazed with their bookmarks! I love it! I’m so proud with them. They really had improved a lot. 

The bookmarks has no text yet. They wanted me do it for them because they love my handwriting. Hmmm…. I think I need to teach them the different techniques of lettering.

P.S. I was also surprised with all the craft papers thrown in the garbage bin. Most of them are still usable… Now I know what to teach them aside from lettering. Get it? LOL….

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendship Bond

I would like to offer this friendship bond to my co-bloggers who leave messages on my chatbox, to those who have exchange link with me, to all my followers, to those who leave comments, and especially to the one who inspired me through her comments and who religiously follows my blog – LOVELY PURSES.

This craft is made out of thread that woven or knotted to each other and locked with a silver bead. This symbolizes strong friendship that holds even internet will no longer exist for I know you became part of my life here in blogosphere.

Cheers to all of us!

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