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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self Portrait

I was cleaning my cabinet last weekend and found a charcoal painting I made way back 2000. It’s my kindergarten graduation pic.

I do not have a formal education in charcoal painting. I learned it through the activities during our Girl Scouts Jamboree year 1994. During the encampment we were only allowed to choose 2 activities/classes (dancing, singing, acting, crafting, soap making, etc…). I choose charcoal painting and crafting – 2 activities closest to my heart.

We were taught the proper shading considering the location of the light. The figure that we draw that time is a ball and its shadow. A very basic lesson learned yet it was really a help.

Back to the treasure I found – my kindergarten pic (charcoal version). I made it during one sunny Saturday afternoon. At first I was just scribbling with my Monggol pencil in a piece of paper (use paper). Eventually I was able to copy my kindergarten pic. It was a bit distorted but I still love the output. I don't look like I'm 6 years old in the drawing. LOL...


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