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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Prize

I finally received my prize – the Duni bag – last December 7, 2009. It took more than a month before it arrived because of the poor system of the post office. Imagine the notice of the package was dated on the first week of November ant it only reached to my premises last December 5!

Anyway, it all worth waiting. Duni bag is so cute. The design is so chic and the fabric has a touch of class. I LOVE IT!
Honestly I was like a kid when I received the package I keep on shouting and hugging the box. LOL…. And my mom is keeping on taking pictures of me while I was opening it.

And when my sister came home, I showed him the bag and was walking and carrying the bag like a model. They were all laughing at me…. LOL…
Thanks a lot Duni!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self Portrait

I was cleaning my cabinet last weekend and found a charcoal painting I made way back 2000. It’s my kindergarten graduation pic.

I do not have a formal education in charcoal painting. I learned it through the activities during our Girl Scouts Jamboree year 1994. During the encampment we were only allowed to choose 2 activities/classes (dancing, singing, acting, crafting, soap making, etc…). I choose charcoal painting and crafting – 2 activities closest to my heart.

We were taught the proper shading considering the location of the light. The figure that we draw that time is a ball and its shadow. A very basic lesson learned yet it was really a help.

Back to the treasure I found – my kindergarten pic (charcoal version). I made it during one sunny Saturday afternoon. At first I was just scribbling with my Monggol pencil in a piece of paper (use paper). Eventually I was able to copy my kindergarten pic. It was a bit distorted but I still love the output. I don't look like I'm 6 years old in the drawing. LOL...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally My Order Arrived

It was already more than a month since I keep on visiting the websites of erosejazz, thesculpeyman, and gingerbeadworks – it’s because of one reason - I fell in love with clay arts. I attempted to purchase clays the moment I saw erosejazz clay works. I thought it was an ordinary clay that can be bought in the local market. I even bought one thinking that it will harden when bake. LOL….

Through erosejazz’s online store I discover both the Sculpey and Makin’s clay. I purchase the latter since it’s a no bake clay. I want to try the Sculpey clays, maybe next time when I mastered this clay arts.

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