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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roses are Red

I’ve been eyeing this set of ladies accessories in the magazine about bead jewelries/accessories I bought a year ago. I just love its sophisticated design. I was looking in the craft store in our area and in the city for the bead rose but to my dismayed it’s not available.

DSC09312 from the magazine

So when I discovered polymer clay, first thing that crossed in my mind was to make a bead rose. With the help of video tutorial from youtube, I was able to make my own roses. Actually it’s easy but I have problem with conditioning the clay. I think it’s getting harder because it’s already expose. I’m using the Makin’s Air Dry Clay…. Anyway this is a sort of practice. Later when I will get this seriously, I mean into clay business, then I will use the polymer clay used by the professional clay artist.

Clay Rose

my output

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Project: Simple Name Tag

I haven’t started a clay project; I haven’t even touched clay with my bare hand. I’m afraid I won’t be able to maximize it and will just harden because the first set of clay I bought are air dry from Makin’s Clay.

I wanted to wait for my tools to at least be completed first before I start a project. But I couldn’t wait... seeing my stock of clays made my hand itchy. So I grabbed one packed of clay and cut its lid. Just imagine a child who wanted badly a new doll or a chocolate with the eyes gleaming and widely open… That’s how I reacted… with hard beat pounding in my chest… perhaps too excited to do my first project. LOL…

I hate its sour smell. Yet it did not thwart me from doing my first project… my imagination get wild…. But to my disappointment I found out that the clay was hard to condition. I was rolling, twisting, flatten the clay… Not satisfied with my output I did the same procedure for several times. And I honestly started to hate the clay. My hands are sweating and the more I had a hard time conditioning the clay.

I almost gave up yet I continued doing with my first project because I don’t want to waste my effort, time and of course the money. So I decided to make a very simple project instead… a very simple name tag… Simple yet I adore it…

DSC09267 DSC09268 DSC09276

First clay project

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