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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Whew!!! I have tons of ideas to be posted here. But I was caught up by Christmas rush. Maybe next Christmas I’ll be able to show crafts for Christmas season. Sigh…. that’s 365 days to go…

Anyway I’m here just to leave a message…


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Dye Project

This project is an inspiration from Marissa Lynch Blog’s New Dress A Day. I religiously followed her blog since the day I discovered her blog through Yahoo. It’s amazing how she can turn an extra large dress into a great dress. And she never failed to impress me.

And now I have file of dresses in my cabinet that I collected for my dress redo projects. Certainly I won’t do it for 365 consecutive days like what she did. Because in the first place I do not know how to use a sewing machine. So sewing it by hand is quiet tedious and will took me a bit longer before finishing my project.

So, for my first project I decided to dye my old dress.

Bought this blouse three years ago.

Old White Dress


But the colors turns yellowish. I thought that dying it would help my dress revive its beauty.

Yellowish White Dress

I look for Rit dye in the local market but I guess it’s only available in US. So I decided to use Venus Fast Dye instead. It’s only Php 3.00.


And tadaaaang!!! My dress turns into purple. Yay! Very Timely for the advent season…..Love it! Love it!


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