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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mama's Testimonial Party

It's mama's ;ast day in service. She'll be retiring from the Department of Education.

I'm so happy with what her colleague did for her testimonial party. My mom loves beach, since because of time and budget constraint they bring the beach in the venue instead.

And I love the backdrop. It's a huge painting of of under the sea. And guess what the face of the mermaid is my mother's face. Take a closer look....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silver Linings

Happiness in our life is coupled with problem. I do not know someone who says he has no problem; because all of us had encountered adversities in life. We only differ on how we deal with it. Either we look at it as burden or its part of life and believe that it has a solution. We call the latter as optimism.

Optimistic people embrace to the old adage, “Behind the clouds the sun is still shining.” They see problem as a challenge and believes that it will just pass by and radiance of happiness will soon replace.

Be an optimistic! Always look on the bright side – look at the silver linings!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artworks at Cara's

Cara’s is neither a theater nor a gallery, it’s a restaurant named after the daughter of the owner. I should say it’s one of the best restaurants in Panabo City. Aside from the mouthwatering foods they serve, Cara’s is also known of their relaxing ambience and a touch of stylishness and elegance.

We were invited to attend a surprise birthday bash for my cousin that’s why I had the opportunity to get some pictures inside the restaurant. 


Monday, August 10, 2009

Follow the Leader

I’m observing this flock of ducks in our farm. Wherever they go they always follow a leader. My niece was chasing after them and even though they break away from the line they always go back and follow the same path. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crafter's Book

My sister, Jeia, really knows what I love. She gave me this crafting book. But I know I have to share it with my niece, Love, who is also passionate with Art. But Love is less interested with it because it’s more on house decorating (flower arrangement and curtain making). Actually there are lots of crafting ideas that they can make.

Anyway I planned to give my nieces and nephews an art session (maybe once a month or this coming summer). They are convincing me to conduct a tutorial for them …. LOL.

Then this crafting book will be my source of crafting ideas. I’m so excited and eager to teach them, that is if my time/schedule will permit. (sigh).

Feeling Blue

Sorry for not posting lately. The whole month of July was so terrible. My father is sick and I thought it will get worst. I’m a little paranoid because most of our neighbor died from cancer. My father is a smoker; He is now suffering with smoker’s cough. But I thank God, because his lung x-ray was clear. 

He stopped smoking last month, I think on the first week of July. But he was really sick. He easily got fever and his nose was bleeding. I think it’s one of the effect of abrupt stop of smoking or what they called withdrawal syndrome.

But his behavior was really different; He no longer cooks breakfast for us, he sleeps most of the time, he really looks pale and most of the time silent and easily get irritated.

I was really in pain everytime I see him lying down and hearing him coughing the whole night.

So to ease myself from worries and pain I made this blue beaded bracelet. 
P.S. Sory if it's not captured perfectly. I'm  still  learning how to get best view of an object.

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