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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crafter's Book

My sister, Jeia, really knows what I love. She gave me this crafting book. But I know I have to share it with my niece, Love, who is also passionate with Art. But Love is less interested with it because it’s more on house decorating (flower arrangement and curtain making). Actually there are lots of crafting ideas that they can make.

Anyway I planned to give my nieces and nephews an art session (maybe once a month or this coming summer). They are convincing me to conduct a tutorial for them …. LOL.

Then this crafting book will be my source of crafting ideas. I’m so excited and eager to teach them, that is if my time/schedule will permit. (sigh).


Duni said...

I love crafting books :)
I haven't seen this one before. Looks exciting! Sharing art with your nieces/nephews is a great thing to do. What better way to teach them to appreciate all the beauty around us! Hope you find the time.

have a great week,


ps - how is your dad?

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