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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling Blue

Sorry for not posting lately. The whole month of July was so terrible. My father is sick and I thought it will get worst. I’m a little paranoid because most of our neighbor died from cancer. My father is a smoker; He is now suffering with smoker’s cough. But I thank God, because his lung x-ray was clear. 

He stopped smoking last month, I think on the first week of July. But he was really sick. He easily got fever and his nose was bleeding. I think it’s one of the effect of abrupt stop of smoking or what they called withdrawal syndrome.

But his behavior was really different; He no longer cooks breakfast for us, he sleeps most of the time, he really looks pale and most of the time silent and easily get irritated.

I was really in pain everytime I see him lying down and hearing him coughing the whole night.

So to ease myself from worries and pain I made this blue beaded bracelet. 
P.S. Sory if it's not captured perfectly. I'm  still  learning how to get best view of an object.


Duni said...

Hello Marianne,
I checked my google reader this morning and saw your update, so I immediately came over to check :)
your bracelet is so beautiful! Were you inspired by your beading magazine?

I'm so sorry about your dad. It's always worrysome if a close family member is ill. I feel the same way with my mother.

many blessings,


Imusic said...

whatta fine post you got my friend

Marianne said...

Thanks Duni for leaving comments and for the concern.

Imusic, thanks for the comments. Hope you'll visit this blog regularly and leave comments.

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