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Friday, July 30, 2010

Reviving my Drawing Skills

Since my sister, a pre-school teacher before, started teaching she always asked me to draw for her visual aids. You know in public schools there are no enough funds to use for the educational equipment. That’s why my sister used her resources to deliver a good and quality education without spending too much. And my talent to draw is one of her resources… ;-)

When she was transferred as in-charge of the reading clinic, my task to draw was lessen. Actually she stopped asking me to draw but it was her twin kids who persistently asked me to draw, one drawing after another until I got irritated. But I cannot resist their cute “please” and “last one please” (which actually not last… LOL)…. But I think it pays my effort. They learned and now draw better than me…

Totally I stopped sketching during the time when I was away from them and worked in a manufacturing company. I do not have time and cannot find any inspiration to draw. I was completely occupied with problems at worked... Too tired to do the things that I love to do…

Now that I am with them… the kids no longer asked me to draw… hmmm sometimes … when the subject is complicated.


But just recently my I heard again the familiar request of my sister… draw for their visual aids… something that really excites me… The project is actually to draw pics in larger scale. Okay I know there’s a copier that can do this. But as I said public schools don’t have enough funds. My sister is just lucky to have me… and I am lucky to have her… She revives my drawing skills…

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Changed Background

The cutest blog on the block, had removed my background. They actually gave me notice prior to the removal but I just ignored it.


My blog after cutest blog on the block removed the background

I actually want to change the background a long time ago but editing is quiet tedious. Black background seems not eye-friendly. I read it from tututina’s blog that white-middled background is best especially if you’re gonna post pictures. Which is actually true… White is simple and clean… (hmmm… why I didn’t realized this when I started this blog?)

Meantime, I am using a background from

P.S. I am also planning to change my title header… But ‘til now I cannot figure out what would it be.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Indulging Myself with Clays… Lots of Clays


It’s been a while since my last post… and I’m a little guilty about it. LOL… Anyway, here’s just a little update of me and my crafting passion.

Last June I withdrew my online earnings from paypal because I badly needed the money. I also promised to myself about buying something worth remembering everytime I withdraw from my earnings.

I only withdraw $100, it’s about Php 4,500. Out from that amount I budgeted Php 1,000 - a gift for myself. You know it’s important to once in a while recognize our efforts and reward ourself. Buy things that could make you happy… lavish yourself with things that you love most…shop, drink, partying, eat, travel… or just a simple self appreciation will do. So guys, as you read this, pause for a while and pat yourself and say, “You did a great job…”

How did you feel right now? Happy? or naaaahhh!!!! LOL…

What I bought from my earnings is something that I really longed to have. I think you can easily guess it… yes, it’s for crafting…


I mentioned here many times about my interest in claying… yet until now I haven’t started a project. Tools are quiet expensive. siiigghh… Though I haven’t receive the money yet, I’ve been eyeing this letter stamp from claymatters. and as soon as I receive the money I immediately ordered the stamp and I can’t help my self ordering other metal findings and clays… As I said lavish yourself… LOL…

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