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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Passion: An Entry for Birthday and Beauty Giveaway

When asked about what my passion(s) is (or are), first thing that will cross in my mind is arts and craft. I’m attracted to art materials. I don’t know, but there’s a strong force that pulling me whenever I go to craft store that even though I don’t have a budget I’d end up spending for craft materials. And when I stumbled to craft site I end up spending the whole day browsing that site and I can’t help myself. That’s why this blog is born.

Blogging became my passion also. It started when I learned about the opportunities of earning here. Admittedly, I hate blogging before but eventually I was hooked and can’t get myself from this online passion. Not merely because of the opportunity of earning online but also because I enjoyed what I’m doing here: expressing my thoughts and gaining virtual friends, plus it’s like a dream come through having a site for my craft ideas, it’s like integrating my two passions crafting and blogging.

To fulfill my blogging career I want to have my own domain name and hosted blog. Thus, I’m joining the Birthday and Beauty Giveaway at

This Birthday and Beauty Giveaway would not be possible without the help of these wonderful sponsors.

My Journey to Life |Something to Live By

Prosperity’s Desire |Fashion and Passion Online

Seiko’s Diary |My Online Journeys

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Anime Heaven |Qlick Tech Blog

Cotton Candy Buzz |A Woman Remembers

Living Life to the Fullest |Pinay Reviewer

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My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf | Life…and then some

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To join this giveaway visit :

Fashion and Passion Online

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