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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spoolie Doll

I was scanning the “Crafting & Decorating” craft book given to me by my sister. There are so many projects that interest me. But I don’t have the materials. There are many terms of materials which I’m not familiar with and was not available in the local stores.

I happen to scan on the page of dolls. I find it very cute. Although I don’t have large beads to use to make it, so I only use the beads available in my bead box. I found the cute wooden beads and abaca rope and decided to make one.

I was able to finish it within 5 minutes. It’s my first time to make a spoolie doll. Yet I feel like an expert. LOL….Well… well… it’s a very easy-to-do craft. Even non-crafter can string miniature wood spools and beads on a twine to create a delightful mini-people.

Interested to make one? Leave a comment and I’ll show you how.


SHABI BK said...

proves your creativity,fine friend

Marianne said...

Thanks shabi!

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