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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bookmarks by Kids

My nieces will join a Girl Scout encampment. They wanted me to help them with their giveaways – a book mark. I told them that I can’t help since I was busy. Actually their mad at me when I said no. (LOL….) They told me about my promised of art session with them. According to them I keep on promising yet I do not have time with them. Poor kids… poor me… LOL….

But I think it’s time for them to do arts independently. Because since they we’re young they always made me draw, color and do arts. So to please them I gave my art materials instead. Although this means I’m giving up all of my art materials. Well because they still do not know yet the technique of saving space and budgeting craft paper.
When I came home from schooling they showed me with their output and I was really amazed with their bookmarks! I love it! I’m so proud with them. They really had improved a lot. 

The bookmarks has no text yet. They wanted me do it for them because they love my handwriting. Hmmm…. I think I need to teach them the different techniques of lettering.

P.S. I was also surprised with all the craft papers thrown in the garbage bin. Most of them are still usable… Now I know what to teach them aside from lettering. Get it? LOL….


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