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Monday, October 19, 2009

I can't wait.....

There’s something really excites me these past few days. It’s clay art.

Despite my super busy life, my mind is wandering what to create with the clay. Although I haven’t purchase one I am now starting to inquire about the no bake clay.

Actually I’m tempted to spend my last money in my pocket last Saturday. LOL…. I really can’t wait. My hands are now scratchy as if wanted to try it right away. That’s why I bought modeling clay available in the bookstore instead.

But I promise myself, after I finish this bulk of requirements in school I will really purchase this no bake clay.


Duni said...

Hi Marianne!
yes, I know the feeling. Sometimes I work on a tedious translation, but my fingers are itching to get to my machine. I guess it's 'serious' work first :)
Thanks for your sweet comment and good luck to you!!!

Marianne said...

hehe.... yes. you're right. I'm really excited and I had a hard time getting rid of it in my mind. It's really distracting me. LOL...

Duni said...

Yay! Marianne - you are the winner of my tote bag!!! Congratulations!
I will contact you via the email address given!

have a nice week,


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