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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I won Duni's Tote Bag

Me? Winner of the fabulous bag by Duni of Lovely Purses?

Wait am I reading the e-mail right?

Hey Marianne! Wake-up! You’re dreaming!!!

Nope! No, am not!!!!


 Yepey! I won the bag!!!!!

Well actually, I was screaming when I read the comment from Duni (through my e-mail).

Screaming, laughing…. and oooohhhhh….  I almost cried. Really!

I’m honestly exuberating with happiness when I read the message! LOL…..

Another I can’t wait!!!! Hahahaha…….

Immediately I visited Duni’s blog.

I cannot view my name nor other names. It thrills me. Maybe I’m just daydreaming. When I tried to view the comments, there were already 8 comments congratulating Mary Ann! Oh no! I’m MARIANNE! I think it’s all false alarm.  Huhuhu……..LOL……

But I’m wondering how did they know the winner? Hmm maybe there’s something on the space which I cannot view. So I decided to view Duni’s blog in other browser – Mozilla.

Now I found out that it’s not a space. It’s the video of how Duni chose the winner of her Lovely giveaway bag.

Although, I haven't seen the name because of the poor video streaming, I still believe I won the fabulous bag. Look at the screen shot below. LOL


 Yehey! It’s me! Hahahahaha……

Thanks a lot Duni! I will really treasure it!!!!



Duni said...

This post is so sweet :)
and yes, believe it - it really is YOU!!!

Now all I need is your mailing address! Please forward it to my email: dunibagz (at) freenet (dot) de

Thank you!

FaYe said...

congrats, rianne. how nice!!! you must have a wonderful day.

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