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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mom’s Poor Purse….

Here’s another rotten thing that supposed to be thrown. LOL… But I opt to throw it inside my scrap box…

Bronze Purse

It’s is my mother’s purse. It’s actually golden, or I supposed its a bronze purse. As you can see there’s no use of this purse at all. It’s worn out.

Look closely….. Poor purse…

Poor Clutch

Fabric is no use at all… So i cut it and… uhm throw it….

Away fabric

And the metal (LOL.. I don’t know what to call this…) will be saved for future project…

Metal(sorry… the stripe fabric is a sore in the eyes.. I didn’t realize it….)



Pinx said...

poor purse... i remember my cousin sent me a handbag too but because i live in bohol and she sent the bag in davao along with the other things para sa iyang family, wala jud napadala sa ako, and last february lang nako nakuha! az in luoy na pud kaayo og porma! hahahaha! salamat sa bisita yan! musta ang imo application sa CA?

imriz said...

been backreading ur posts here, all posts were interesting, nice ideas, too.
same as u, i don't throw things easily, i'm saving them for future use, who knows:)

loved all ur beaded jewels.

Yannie said...

Thanks Riz.... I'll check your site

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