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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Z is for Zebra Inspired Heart Box

I can’t think of any craft that starts with letter Z so I just make Zebra as my inspiration to create this craft.

Zebra Inspired heart Box

Yay! I forgot to take a pic of the unpainted box. Just take a peek on the inner of the heart box for you to have an idea what it looks like before I paint it.

Zebra - no color 

Before I painted the black stripes on the cover, my niece kept on saying that it’s ugly. But she love and want it when she saw the finish product…. Too bad I can’t give it. LOL….


This Zebra inspired heart box match well with the leopard frame (XOXO)


Probably this will be my last post for this challenge. The next 45 days will be the busiest days of my life. I need to balance my time from work, job training in a hotel, review IELTS, masteral…. and of course blogging. Hope you enjoy the Ey to Zee Valentine Craft Ideas.



gingerSnaps said...

Sipag mo naman Yan. Ganda ng box. Galing mo magmanage ng time nakakapagblog ka pa rin.

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Super cute!!!

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