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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

P is for Potpourri Love

Guess how many shots I took to capture this project?

It’s 56 shots… LOL….

I can’t find the right background for the potpourri-filled heart net. I’ve been trying different angles but  there’s always something missing. This made me think of DSLR Camera. I think I need one. LOL…

I already surrendered and thought the black background was the best among the photos. Until I found the cute bear inside my cabinet.

 potpourriPotpourri Love

The bear was given by my bf… seeing it made me miss him a   lot… It’s more than three weeks since he left…. Sigh… Hope he’ll be here before the heart’s day.





Pinx said...

the potpourri looked good on the bear yan! buy na dayon DSLR. ako i want to replace my old DSLR na kay di ko ganahan sa iyang kuha especially indoors and kung night time. hehehe...

Yannie said...

@ Pinx: Ay super mahal. No budget for the DSLR. Unya na pagdako na ako kita dri. hehehe

Thanks sa like Pinx

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