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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bracelet for My Niece

I was isolated for the last two weeks because of my chickenpox. But I didn’t waste my time by just lying down the whole day. I see to it that I have accomplished something in my isolation room. This is what I longed for: relax, read, do some arts, do the things that I love to do.

Since June I was super busy because aside from my weekdays work, I have to attend classes during weekends – masteral on Saturdays and earning education unit on Sundays.

Now you know the reasons why I seldom update my blog!… LOL

Anyway, I was able to read a couple of pocket books by Maeve Binhcy’s “Scarlet Feather” and Paolho Coelho’s “Brida;” I was able to finished half of my paper works – requirement in my earning units; Collecting pictures for my Goal Book (someday I’ll share it with you); made a doll out of beads (will be posted later); and made another bracelet.

This is supposedly a bookmark, but my niece loves it so much so I decided to make it as a bracelet instead. I’m using the same technique with the friendship bond except for the silver lock.


Duni said...

Your niece will love it :)

sorry you had chicken pox. Now I know why you were MIA!! Please recover soon!

take care


Marianne said...

I'm okay now Duni... thanks for the comment

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