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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Clay Project: Girl ' s face


Here’s my first project using Clayzee polymer clay. This is not an airdry clay, but this one is still unbaked. I still have to wait for my nephew who kept his clay project, because it’s actually a secret… shhh… the name of his crush was stamped on it. LOL… Perhaps tomorrow will be a perfect time for us to bake it since it’s Saturday.

I actually do not know how long should I bake this since there’s no instruction in the packaging of the clay. If you have any idea, please drop a comment, I will really appreciate it.


Two of my nieces was with me when I made this. And they kept on arguing on what letter should I put. Since they both have the same initials I decided to put the VP; as Vanessa Pearl or Venus Pearl. And they both agree with me! (*_*)

Do you have any idea where I can link this for brown? I stumbled once but I forgot the site….


Lainy said...

WOW! You are very talented, Yannie!

I forgot the site for the brown meme, too. Do let me know once you've stumbled on it again ;-)

Thanks for the comment at my PF/ PS entry at


Gene said...

I wanted to try clay making but don't know where to start. For now, I'm content with just appreciating cute clay molds.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Returning the favor via Pink Fridays.


Vernz said...

oh, this is nice saw one time on TV, this needs to be baked right? pretty! was here for PF hope you visit mine here..

imriz said...

thursday brownies sis ang brown meme, i forgot the url:)

Emm said...

wow, very creative.. so cute! ^_^

Edsie said...

Like it!! Visiting from PF!!
Pink Friday # 5 - Frozen Margarita

Cheerful said...

that's lovely and you're talented to do that...sis, thursday brownies--> visiting you from Pf and wishing you a great weekend! :)

Ate K said...

You can link up to Thursday Brownies ( ). You did great in this clay art. Visiting from PF. Sorry for the late visit, though. Here's MINE. See you around.

Yannie said...

Thanks for your visit!!

MommyPretty said...

I love clay projects and thinking of doing something like that soon when I find the time...

I'm new to blogging, hope you come and visit me at

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