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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recycled Notebook

I used recycled notebooks during my high school days. Not that my parents can’t afford, I just opted to used recycled notebook.

My sister, a preschool teacher then, had many used workbooks with no prints at the back of each page. So what I did, I cut the workbooks crosswise, covered with newspaper or old magazine.

I’m not bothered using the recycled notebook. My teachers even appreciated it. If only I knew back then that there’s blogging, then I probably take a pic of it. LOL

Classes had just started. I’m encouraging my nieces to use recycled notebooks. But they hate my idea…. not until they saw my output

So here’s what I did……

Goldilocks Box for the cover:

Not that I’m a big fan of Goldilocks. It’s just that the cakes we usually order are Goldilocks.

Look at the square hole in the middle. I have a pretty idea for this.


At the back of the box, the figure says “RECYCLE


Few scratch papers from our office

Size is A4 so I cut into half


And come up with these beautiful recycled notebooks.



I purposely save the hole for the front cover of notebook, so that kids can insert picture.


My niece love it…. and plan to insert Justin Beiber’s pic…. I honestly hate her idea… LOL



Smiling Sally



""rare*jonRez"" said...

Nice one! What creativity! :)

I do have GREEN SCENES TAKEN IN MOTION when we drove to Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. You might want to take a look at my captures! See you! :)

Yannie said...

Thanks jonRez

MommyPretty said...


brings me back to my childhood... I used to make recycle papers as a kid... I might try doing it again when I find time... :)

thanks for sharing

Cheerful said...

wow, such a great it! and the final output was pretty. visiting from thursday brownies and wishing you a great week. :)

Luna Miranda said...

it's a cool idea! it's cost efficient and environmentally-friendly. i hope your nieces would realize how many trees are cut for the papers in their notebooks.:p

Gene said...

What a great idea! Why didn't I read this before? We just bought Goldilocks cake and we threw away the box.

Visiting via Thursday Brownies. Here's my entry: Ada

January said...

That' a very nice idea..:)

Late visit from Thursday Brownies
Mine are here Brown Wedge and Early Morning. Hope You can Visit. Thanks

melandria said...

Ooh, really nice idea. That's something worth keeping. I used to do things like this before but i could not because i'm really very busy. thanks for sharing. continue living green.

 gmirage said...

awww, so creative! It's a great effort on goldilocks' part too!

Thanks for joining Thursday Brownies sis, see you again! -

Yannie said...

To all thanks for the like

Tina Peterson said...

This is a great idea. I haven't heard of Goldilocks but the folders came out really nice. When I was in high school I always covered my books with paper bags that I cut to fit my books. They always looked really nice and held up very well during the year.

I'll give you a stumble - thanks from Family Literacy! BTW, the books are available on Amazon. =D Tina

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

What a cool idea! Too clever. Stumbling back!

Julia said...

Great idea and good reuse! I've stumbled this - thanks for stopping by.

aquariann said...

Neat recycled notebooks! I stumbled back. :D

imriz said...

my kids snubbed my recycled notes w/c i would always do using leftover pages from the previous sch year's class. nonetheless, i use them them as test notes for my grade 2 kid.

your's could pass up as new notebooks.

Beautè Gras said...

Awesome idea! They do look new.

Thanks for the Stumble, returned!

ChildTalk said...

Great Idea! And your comment about Justin Beiber at the end made me laugh. :)

Thanks for stumbling my post. I stumbled you back!

-Becca @

Yannie said...

Thanks fo r the stumble guys....

@Becca: I don't like Justin. LOL... that's whjy I hate my niece idea.

Blogger Broadcast said...

Yes, that looks great. I like it. I stumbled your post back.

Karen said...

Stumbling you from the Stumble Tumble Hop. My post is

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I never would have thought of that but I bet my kids would love it!

Returning the stumble!

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