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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink 3D Flower

My niece was working with his project – a bulletin board for Filipino. What she did is paste a “Pabula” (Fable), handwritten in a bond paper, then pasted on a hot pink cartolina. That’s it! It’s a sore in the eyes honestly.

She’s been asking me to help her with her project for how many days but I was too busy. When I saw it I felt guilty. Mama told me to add some design to at least improve the way it looks.

I admit I’m a little bit demanding with materials if I do a project. But since it’s late at night already, and we only have few materials, then I used the resources that we only have.

I cut the bond paper leaving a few centimeter of the pink cardboard that serve as its border and pasted on a white cardboard. White is universal color; it goes along well with other color.

Then I made several 3D flowers out from the hot pink cardboard and glued in 2 corners of the white cardboard.

I love the simplicity of the outcome!

3D Flower

I know this still needs improvement..

Filipino Bulletin Board


Vhen said...

wow so pink and very creative :)

visiting from PF!

here are my entries:

hope to see you there too, thanks!

♥ PRETTYMOM ♥ said...

that looks cute and pretty cool too.

visit my pf entry too.. here

Chie_Wilks said...

pretty flowers!lovely pieces of crafts.

thanks for the visit,
chie of the3chies

Laikka said...

wow..i love that kind of pink:) so attarctive! nice:)

mine is up sis at

..see yah!

Lainy said...

That's neat and lovely! I simply love it!

I am here for PF. Thanks for the visit at LAINY'S MUSINGS.

Happy weekend!

texas_sweetie said...

toooooooo cute and so nice of you to come up with that pink design for her project.

if you don't mind to take a peek at my PF entry too, i'll be happy Free Pink Tote.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Those are gorgeous flowers! How creative! :)

I have PINK FLOWER in the NIGHTSKY courtesy of the July 4th Fireworks here in our place. See you! :)

SavvyMama said...

so pretty....lami man kau ani woi...ibog sad ta da..ehehhee!

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