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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clay Extruder

Verity, owner of Clay Corner, is selling her tools and other craft materials because she’s leaving the country for good. If I only have money then I would probably buy all the items. Some are used but I know her stuffs are properly kept and taken care of as what she said in her multiply account.

I bought her used clay extruder for Php 1, 150 and saved Php 150. The brand new prize of it is around Php 1,300.

I got the order today. And I’m so excited to use it. My clays are still intact in its plastic bags since I have no tools to shape it. I don’t want to waste a single gram of it because it’s quiet expensive. But I know since it’s my first time to do clay arts it’s expected that I will have scraps. Hopefully, I can still reuse the scraps…..

And hopefully I’ll have more than enough money so that I can still buy the sale items of verity.

P.S. Check her tools you may find it interesting for your crafting. Visit her multiply account.


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