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Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Uh-oh!!! it’s not a real flower it’s a carved melon.

How I wish I could also carve such a lovely flower. It was my sister’s boyfriend who did it! 



Though I’m drooling when I saw it. (hey I love melon!), I think I would leave it standing on my table rather than eating it. Those cute carved flowers are irresistible. I can’t take my eyes away from it. Shhh!!! I’m studying how it was done. Hmmm…. simply because i want to try carving fruits….LOL….




Not What It Seams said...

That is amazing!!! I would have never believed that it was a melon from that close up shot, that is unbelievable!

imriz said...

tnx for the warm message...

i love melons and watermelons, and this is the time of year that those fruits were rather pricey on the fruit stand, but i love to buy one and have it carved and be displayed on my table this holidays. amazing talent he got!

imriz said...

will paste ur link here... love crafts, too:)

Jean said...

Should I say I'm lucky to have him??? LOL!

Yannie said...

@ Now what it seams: thanks for droppin I'll tell my sister about the compliment

@ Imriz: I'll also add your craft site. maybe later. I visited your site and I love it

@ jean: Swerte gyud. manaba gyud ka

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Oh wow! That is awesome!

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