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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grosgrain Sizzix Big Shot Machine Giveaway


O-la-la! I won’t let this opportunity slip on my hand. Grosgrain is announcing another giveaway, the Sizzix Big Shot Machine plus one free die of your choosing. The giveaway gave me an adrenalin rush to blog about it. I’m craft-a-holic you know! LOL….

This machine is really soooo great! I’ve seen in Grosgrain the prettily and neatly cut flowers for her Shoe Sugar Month. This Sizzix machine makes things a lot easier. You can cut several pieces of fabrics in one time cut. And it’s definitely perfectly done!

day 133 Grosgrain Shoe Sugar Month

day 131

I would really love to own the Sizzix machine especially now that I was inspired to craft. Thanks to Grosgrain who keeps my mind spinning what to craft! Grosgrain is truly an inspirational blog!


gingerSnaps said...

luv the shoes Yannie. Ok tong machine nato.

Yannie said...

@gingerSnaps: Try visit Grosgrain site. So cute yung mga gawa nya.

GUstong gusot ko yung machine sana manalo ako. hehhee

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