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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Ey to Zee?

I finally found the right title for my craft blog. I’ve been changing this twice. First is “Colour” but I find it boring. Then “Arts and Crafts by Marianne”, but since not all crafts featured here are handcrafted by me then “by Marianne” is so inappropriate. “Arts and Crafts” are widely used and I want something that is unique. I think of several blog titles such as Art Angel (which I cannot use because it’s a television program in one of the local networks), Craft Angel, Craft Fairy, I Heart Craft, Easy Craft Ideas, etc. But all seems so dull for me and over used.

Then one time I migrated my blog, Messages, at Wordpress just to taste what Wordpress is, and Used “Ey to Zee” as title. Which eventually I deleted after a week, you know I still love blogspot!

Then when I confirmed the deletion of my blog, it just pop up in mind why not used it for my craft blog!!! And so here I am with my new title “Ey to Zee”; as in A-Z Craft Ideas and “EyZee” as in Easy Craft Ideas.. Get it! LOL….

1 copy

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