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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bead Organizer

This is my sister’s bead organizer. It’s a challenge for me to arrange all beads according to size, color, and style. But since there is no enough space for every type so I was challenge to look for an alternative container.

I found this empty plastic box as an option to organize the beads. The plastic container is actually the packaging of banaba tea.

The result…..

The plastic container can also be use as your accessories organizer. Actually, there are many ways to utilize the plastic container. Just be creative.

So the next time you throw scraps think twice, you might find a use for it.


Anonymous said...

an nice sya....
i arrange akoang blog ba. ikaw na bahala update ato.... kay libog ko unsaon pag post hehehe!

Calvin T said...

It feels so great to be on your blog page. Thanks for your hard work & great comments on this page.

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