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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Old Gimelena Tree

2009 – It’s been a decade since we graduated from high school at Don Manuel A. Javellana Memorial National High School. So to celebrate our 10th year reunion we decided to hold it at our Alma matter. It was really a great experience. It reminds us of good memories and even bad memoirs, a common experience which I think help us grow and keep us reunited after so many years. Each one of us has its own recollection of our high school lives. Like the Gimelena tree in the picture has its own stories to tell. 

For more than a decade, I’m wondering how many students had passed by in this tree? How many lovers dare to sit in between of its branches sharing what love means to them? How many laughter and secrets do this tree heard? How many students expressed their anger to this tree? Perhaps the poor tree experienced a lot of beating and hardship. But despite of that the tree grows old more beautiful than ever. Look at it!!!

Like our relationship with our batch mates as years passed by, maybe we grew older by age and physical appearances but our memories are still young like when we were once strangers to the place and to each other more than 10 years ago. Like the old Gimelena tree our relationship rooted and even grew deeper and more wonderful than ever.


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